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Jenny Lexander

"With a long global and fulfilled experience within the creative fields as a fashion photographer, image artist, creative curator, producer, exhibition designs, workshops, florist and holding lectures... 

I am satisfied to produce and create serene beautiful images, deepen and spread my knowledge about the wonder of the essence of flowers, create holistic gardens- and floral designs"

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Dita Von Teese by Jenny Lexander

How It All Began...

Founded in 2002, specialized in capturing the beauty of an image in a style that is modern yet timeless, interesting, and vibrant, with a focus on exhilarating moments and pure fun.

Jenny Lexander uses their years of experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure your image is exactly the way you want them to be. The beauty of an image is a lifelong passion for Jenny Lexander and this is reflected in the delicate result produced. 

Jenny Lexander was born in 1976, in a small city close to Stockholm. She started her career as a photographer and image artist in 1998 in New York, as an assistant to the leading fashion photographers. Then spent many years based out of Paris. The reinterpretation of classic elegance is her signature, she seeks beauty and grace in each image, femininity in all its perspectives, poetry. Her imagery is derived from the world of dreams and fairy tales.

Fashion Photographer ~ Curator ~ Producer ~ Exhibition design

Fashion, Beauty and Advertising

Many clients approach with requests to capture the special moments for their advertising campaigns.

As an experienced Photographer, this professional understands the full working process from sketch of your earliest ideas. From the final artwork process to the final design print campaign. This is why clients aim to collaborate with Jenny Lexander and make Fashion, Beauty, and Accessories be captured as delicate and beautiful as possible as a result of the final print.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your questions or special requests.

Century Time Gems by Jenny Lexander
Canon LFP printing

Creative Curator offers this service as a creative curator to clients at a very reasonable palette of pattern-made collaborations as a result.

Jenny Lexander understands the creative and dynamic process that each type of collaboration between artists, public spaces, institutions, companies, and organizations can accomplish when co-create for a wonderful result that blossoms.

A dynamic process that is a necessity to bind together sincere in each collaboration. To achieve the full experience of each topic that wishes to be displayed. Available at reachable locations that make sense for the public/private individuals to experience.

Get in touch if you’d like to try this service.

Exhibition design

To understand each public/private location and to create the optimal exhibition display with color, form, and fantasy is a particular specialty of,

A must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of the experience the audience will archive through the eye of photography expertise and professionalism.

Jenny Lexander aims to capture the best atmosphere of each location, with a carefully hand-picked selection of great quality images, objects, costumes, material, and lighting display to make the experience more memorable.

If you’re interested in hiring me for this service, please get in touch today.

Hallvyl Museum Exhibition by Jenny Lexander
Roses by Jenny Lexander

Garden and floral design

As a creator and founder of Maison Lumen de Lumine will Jenny Lexander by special requests offer to capture and create a holistic garden- and floral collaborations.. 


"So excited and passionated to form holistic gardens by using sacred geometry in conjunction with the frequency the nature has to offer in all its forms"

By expertise of choosing the plant's organic material; right energy, vibrations, color palette, light, sound, variety of shapes, and delightful fragrance! 

As an experienced and professional Photographer, Image artist, Creative curator, Florist, and Academic studies within art and culture as a background, understand Jenny Lexander how much people appreciate the beauty of an image that is created and the importance of the energy of silence the garden has to offer. 

To be able to admire, relax, recharge and reconnect to their own personal energy by nature and spend special sincere moments in their lives...

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your questions or special requests.





- The Elegance of Silence

“My name is Harlequina.
Follow me and my friends to Venice, come and enjoy the carnival!”

Become whom you want – for a short while ...

HARLEQUINA and her friends moved in at the Hallwyl Palace in Stockholm during fall 2016. With her friends Pantalone, Pulcinella and many more. Both adults and children had the chance to explore Commedia dell ́arte and the Venice Carnival!

HARLEQUINA & HARLEQUIN was a family exhibition produced and exposed at The HALLWYL MUSEUM where the guest floors and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl ́s bedroom at the extraordinary Palace were transformed to the Venice festival.

The ambience of happiness and transformation meet the silent wordless theatre form,

natural theatre.
The masks and characters that can be found during the Venice carnival have their origin in stereotypes that are dated back to the Commedia dell ́arte during the 16th century. Many of the characters are still familiar, as the satirist Harlequin or the clown Pierrot. Those and many more characters were to be found in the exhibition.

The exhibition HARLEQUINA & HARLEQUIN was based on Jenny LEXANDERs Photographs and films from Venice displayed combined with historical costumes, newly created costumes, objects, lithographs, literature and artefacts from today’s interpretations. The guest floor at the Palace meet colour, form and fantasy in the silent theatre, the physical theatre

Commedia dell ́arte.
LEXANDER was presented as an image artist as well worked as a creative curator, producer and in charge of the exhibition design.

The exhibition was a collaboration between The Hallwyl Museum, The Swedish County Council, Canon, Independent costume, The Swedish Royal Opera, Swedish Museum of performing Art, The Royal Armoury Museum, National museum (Sweden’s premier museum of art and design) and The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden.
Both adults and children had the opportunity through experiences to learn more about Commedia dell ́arte, its history and origin.

The exhibition was created and formed with the support of the expertise at Canon and image prepress consultant Stephan Lundberg. Many different media types were displayed as Fine Art, Wallpaper, ReBoard, Acrylic, Metallic, Fabric, Lightboxes and 3D.
Harlequina & Harlequin was produced in collaboration with fashion photographer and image artist Jenny Lexander, with support from Canon, Independent Costume and

The Swedish County Council.




The Finnish Institute in Stockholm inaugurated the travel exhibition SISU.

Later during the autumn, the exhibition was heading off to The Finnish Institute in Paris followed by the Gallery of Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen.

To finally land at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki.

SISU is a Finnish term translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. That is a true way of being in Finland. Sisu is also the name of the exhibition with Lexander’s gentle portraits of Finnish and Swedish veterans, along with exposing landscapes from the footsteps of her grandfather.

Beautiful and powerful stories were exposed as quotations from Swedish and Finnish war veterans that were interviewed during the project.

Their struggle during the war has been of great historical significance for both Sweden and Finland. The photographer’s grandfather is among the veterans portrayed. Lexander was always fascinated by the silence that surrounded this topic in her family.

«In this project, I want to visualize the inner strength and power within every one of us. Just two generations ago Finland was attacked by the Soviet Union, a superpower, in the Winter War. The price was high, but they managed to keep the Russians at bay and maintain independence. Many of the veterans were young boys, most were only 18 years old.»  / Jenny Lexander

The SISU exhibition aims to spread knowledge about this important historical chapter to a younger generation as well as to increase understanding between the Nordic countries. The Swedish contribution to the Winter War was important. 9694 Swedish volunteers fought for Finland during the Winter War and the Continuation War. There are at least 1440 Finnish war veterans living in Sweden today. In Finland there are 67 500 veterans, 10 000 of them were made invalids by injuries sustained in the war.

«We’d been fighting for two months. We were dirty as hell and our clothes were in tatters. Then the Swedish troops showed up. We called them ’the gentlemen,’ they were handsome and dressed in white. The officers wore white furs.»

/ Aarne Körkkö, from Rovaniemi, a veteran portrayed in the exhibition SISU



Les Fleurs Avec Amour

The Swedish photographer Jenny Lexander presented her series «Flowers with Love»

at ANNE CLERGUE GALERIE in Arles, France.

A herbarium borrowed from a poem and imbued with a particular delicatessen for the prints made on Japan Gampi paper.


«These flowers were picked on the Swedish island of Gotland in our vacation home. Every day, whatever the weather, a fresh flower was added to the bouquet, like a poem. In the fields, near the ocean, in the dunes, across the mountains, in the forests, a new flower embellished this gathering like a magic herbarium. A summer filled with joy, tears, passion, curiosity, like a return to the springs of childhood, pure and sensitive.

Each flower bears the name of a feeling associated with the day it was picked. Love, Dreams, Pretty, Airplane, Compassion, Curiosity, Understanding, Happiness, Passion, Dearest, Butterfly.»

Gampi is a handmade paper, produced from a variety of mulberry trees that is rare and impossible to cultivate, and which is peculiar to Japan. Gampi paper, based on noble and rare fibres, offers unparalleled fineness, translucency, and incomparable lustre.

Jenny Lexander relates her quest to find this precious paper: «The paper was made by Mr Seki, who lived in Kochi, Japan. He developed it for the West, which wanted a slightly thicker medium for publication. He produced the paper with his wife. About twenty years ago, the market collapsed, and when I went there to visit him in Kochi, the workshop was invaded by his grandchildren, for whom it was another school playground. He was having health problems, and the paper became very scarce. He would never divulge his manufacturing secrets, fearing that it would destroy his life, so the technique was never transmitted. At the end of his life, he changed his mind, but no one wanted to learn how to produce the paper. So he died taking the secret of Gampi Toriniko with him.»

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