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Perfect Execution

HARLEQUINA & HARLEQUIN was a family exhibition produced and exposed at The HALLWYL MUSEUM where the guest floors and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl ́s bedroom at the extraordinary Palace was transformed to the Venice festival. The ambiance of happiness and transformation meet the silent wordless theatre form, natural theatre.

The masks and characters that can be found during the Venice carnival has its origin in stereotypes that are dated back in the Commedia dell ́arte

during the 16th century. Many of the characters are still familiar, as the satirist Harlequin or the clown Pierrot. Those and many more characters where to be found in the exhibition.

The exhibition HARLEQUINA & HARLEQUIN was based on LEXANDERs Photographs and films from Venice and displayed combined with

historical costumes, new created costumes, objects, lithographs, literature and artefacts from today’s interpretations. The guest floor at the Palace meet colour, form and fantasy in the silent theatre, the physical theatre Commedia dell ́arte.

LEXANDER was presented as an image artist as well worked as a creative curator, producer and in charge of the exhibition design.

The exhibition was a collaboration between The Hallwyl Museum, The Swedish County Council, Canon, Independent costume,

The Swedish Royal Opera, Swedish Museum of performing Art, The Royal Armoury museum, National museum (Sweden’s premier Museum of art and design) and The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden.

Both adults and children had the opportunity through experiences to learn more about Commedia dell ́arte, its history and origin.

The exhibition was created and formed with the support by the expertise at Canon and image process by Stephan Lundberg.

Many different media types were displayed as: Fine Art, Wallpaper, ReBoard, Acrylic, Metallic, Fabric, Light boxes and 3D.

Harlequina & Harlequin was produced in collaboration with fashion photographer and image artist Jenny Lexander, with support from Canon, Independent Costume and The Swedish County Council.

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